Life Style Design Agency - services
The Lifestyle Design® studio sits comfortably between the fast-paced slick ideology of Silicon Valley and youth culture ground zero in Southern California. From our unique vantage point, we are ideally situated to bring a fresh perspective to every project. Plus we are not box makers...the variety of work we do from youth action to high-end and luxury is what makes us interesting

The Awards Keep Coming for LifeStyleDesign: Earlier this year LifeStyleDesign received two prestigious Red Dot Awards. Since then, the Santa Barbara-based studio has accumulated another three awards including a CES International Award, an ABDX Award and an IDSA Western District Award. LifeStyleDesign, an integrated design firm led by Marc Tappenier, IDSA, is dedicated to the creation of trendsetting, fashion forward design solutions in the technology, sports, lifestyle and fashion fields.

source ; The Industrial Designers Society of America.