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Marc Tappeiner President & Principal Designer

Marc Tappeiner is the founder and principle designer of LifeStyleDesign, an integrated design firm dedicated to the creation of trendsetting, fashion forward design solutions. At his former position as director of design at BMW Designworks, Tappeiner was involved in the development of crucial design achievements.  He pushed the envelope to revolutionize the cell phone industry by introducing the keyboard to the cell phone, a design that has since become ubiquitous.  His collaboration with Compaq was aimed at the conceptualization of their brand image, now an acknowledged idiom.  He also spent time developing product identities for clients Mini, Nokia, Kyocera, Siemens, Haworth and Motorola. It wasn’t long after designing cars for BMW in Munich that he opted for something other than a cumbersome corporate position.  Marc left BMW in 2002 and created LifeStyleDesign, a smaller and more nimble company  able to interface with customers and deliver a more valuable package. The firm creates powerfully emotive and resonate products and brand images.  Tappeiner’s designs and creative strategies are contributing to areas as diverse as technology, sports, lifestyle and fashion.  In the past year alone, LifeStyleDesign has achieved two Red Dot awards and a CES International award.  Marc also has a number of patents in his name as well as an impressive client list.

Frederic Blaudeau VP of Brand & Communication Strategy

Frederic Blaudeau graduated with an MBA in Business and Marketing at ISG Paris, Superior Institute of Management.
His comprehensive work experience includes operating as the General Manager at two Paris based global design agencies, where he commanded the work of over 60 employees delivering brand identity, marketing and advertising campaigns. His extensive portfolio includes; brand strategy, Brand platform management, global brand identity, packaging, environmental design, web design, apps development and marketing and commercial campaigns for international companies such as:  L’oreal, Lancome, Garnier, PepsiCo, Orangina, Canon, Ford, LG Electronic and Nespresso for Nestle, are some of his most recognized accomplishment.
Frederic’s signature “French touch” design sense has allowed him to create sustainable, innovative and inspiring visual identities, for companies that are building, growing or fighting to sustain their brands.

As a strategic partner with Lifestyledesign, Fred leads the branding, packaging, and communication arm of our talented group of designers headquartered in Santa Barbara and in Paris.

John Stump VP of Engineering 

As the VP of Engineering at Lifestyle Design, John leads a team of talented engineers with a passion for breaking boundaries and bringing new technologies to market. Lifestyledesign is constantly pushing the envelope on design, engineering, packaging, overall branding, and speed to market.

John has a long, proud history of award-winning innovation, product development, engineering, and ingenuity.  His work enhances manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and improve quality and can be found across industries as diverse as medical devices, consumer electronics, and fitness equipment.

Working for companies like Inogen, a groundbreaking portable oxygen concentrator manufacturer, John pushed the design and development of five new product lines, expanding sales to over $100M and improving quality four fold.  Fresh out of college, John co-designed and manufactured a socket system used in prosthetic foot assembly, resulting in a major medical break-through and $300,000+ in revenue.

He’s also revolutionized the physical fitness, photography, and sports rehabilitation industries with products he invented, design, built, and drove to market.  XShot, a rugged camera extender that allows photographers to take their art to the next level, taps into some of the hottest platforms, GoPro, iPhone, and Bluetooth technology, to create next-generation camera equipment.

At Lifestyle Design, John helps clients to bring to life their ideas and take their product to the highest level of design, packaging, and speed to market. Come work with an industry pioneer with a relentless commitment to innovation, razor-sharp focus, and a dedicated pursuit of engineering perfection.


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