Stop the world and just be for a bit. Now’s the time for Ellia to take care of you, all of you, with aromatic therapy. Soothe away the aches and overloads of life.



1-Lifestyle design was tasked with design Ellia aroma diffuser line, which includes premium diffusers and the highest-quality essential oils available, helps you take your family’s wellness to new levels.

We wanted to design a modern premium aroma diffusers collection for the consumers that could not only gently lift a natural scent in their homes, but the way people feel.

From Product design to Brand experience, we needed to create a refine design that both combine a relaxing and wellbeing experiences tough a beautiful design and to tell the story of essential oils benefits in people’s homes. Create an easy way for users to transform their daily routine, reduce their reliance on chemical products, and complement their healthy lifestyle and personal wellness.


2-Lifestyle design needed to accurately translate Ellia’s premium diffuser into a natural crafted Brand.

We strategically develop a hand made and proximity for the visual language using a custom script font for the logo including botanical arts in developing the graphic system on the packaging, selected a pastels color palette that resonate to our users and inspire the restorative power of nature by reducing stress, boost mental clarity, and soothe your body and mind.


3-The next step was to create the packaging experience for the diffusers with essential oils single note and the signature scents in a holistic approach that is aligned with Ellia’s values using a combination of sustainable materials and a simple construction.


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