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Wine labels have long been one of our most knowledgeable categories in brand management and packaging design from France, Italy, and United states . The wine market appeal to elegance, coupled the personality needed to make bottles jump off shelves, seems to have proven a winning combination for creatives.

We designed this concepts for one of our wine client who did not pursuit his project for investment reason. We are  to share with you the early stage exercise of the ideation and implementation across all the brand touch point . Labels play a critical role in the success of a wine product. How does your label break through and which story behind the wine label ?

Color, texture, brand and shape are significant elements to make the emotional connection harmonious and deliver the right information to your target audience.

Wine label design means the structure and organization of visual information to aid in communication and orientation, using words, symbols, stories, and images. The role of design in business is to address the needs of consumers and visually express the values and beliefs of the winery and the region.

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  • Date: 2013
  • Skills: Branding - packaging
  • Client: California winery
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