Martini | Gran Lusso – 150th Anniversary

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Martini gran Lusso wine bottle Enlarge
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To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Italian brand Martini asked Lifestyle Design team with Arnaud Lagrotte senior creative director to create a limited edition Martini Gran Lusso vermouth limited to just 150,000 bottles globally. Our mission was to developed a unique design and integrate all the 150 years brand asset. It is truly a limited edition to mark this special anniversary and cannot be replicated.” and make this bottle outstanding and unique.

Only 150,000 bottles of the special 150th anniversary Martini Gran Lusso are available starting in summer 2013.
Meaning “grand luxury” in Italian, Martini Gran Lusso is a single batch vermouth using Barbera red wine from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy and Trebbiano white wine from Emilia-Romagna.

In addition, Gran Lusso combines two extracts: a Moscato aged for a year in wood barrels – the recipe for which was inspired by a historical vermouth – and the recreation of a secret 1904 recipe known as ‘extract 94’ that is rested in small demijohns for eight years.
Martini describes the vermouth as being “aromatically herbal and cleansing”, with some “honey softness” from the Moscato and hints of lavender and rose from the Barbera.
“We have blended together two of Italy’s most known grape varieties – Trebbiano and Barbera and the result is completely new and unique,” said Giuseppe Musso, master blender of Martini. “It is a very proud moment for everyone involved at Pessione and the best way to celebrate our 150th
Designed to allow bartenders to “breathe new life” into vintage cocktails, Martini Gran Lusso is now available internationally.

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