MUZIK One Headphone

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Muzik has asked Lifestyledesign to design and develop their new revolutionary Wireless Muzik one headphones that not only lets you listen to music, but also connects you to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can Tweet and post to your Facebook wall directly from the Muziks. Modern and smart design was Lifestyle Design vision, Muzik headphones will improve the way we socially discover, share, listen and experience music.

The Smartphone of Headphones.

Muzik came out of Jason Hardi’s vision to create “Social Smartware,” a term the company trademarked for its mission of creating wearable technology that makes it easier for people to stay connected with friends.

Muzik is launching a range of smart audio products later this year including the on-ear wireless headphone, which combine high-fidelity audio in a simple yet elegant design with capacitive touch controls.