Never worry about waving down the refreshment cart again! Just tap it and forget it!

LIFESTYLE DESIGN goal was to create a modern luxury tool that elevates your golfing experience. Tap to tee free App offers drinks on demand including yardage app with distance feature that uses the world’s latest technology to allow golfing regulars to access refreshment services while playing on participating golf courses.
The system consists of two sleek mobile applications connected through a server back-end. Using the Tap to Tee free App, golfers can provide the beverage cart with notification that they would like service. Other than the user premium services the strategy with this system, is participating golf courses can maximize their sales potential as well as demonstrate their dedication to providing the highest end luxury golfing experience.

Our mission was to find a tech-savvy solution to benefit both the golfer and the golf course.

That solution is Tap to Tee. Our app is a modern luxury tool that allows golfers to summon the refreshment cart with the tap of a button, while offering a free yardage feature for their golfing convenience — Ron Firestone

Lifestyle design created the global brand platform, the logo mark embodies the two main ideas of the app: the lemon (beverage) and the golf ball (Sport). The chosen brand color palette is bright and fresh.
The design process was guided by two fundamental attributes of the app user experience (UX): free of complexity and advance golf yardages features integrated into the mobil app.
Lifestyle Design then extended this design language to Tap to tee mobile app graphics and UI (vendors and user) and website including back-end server and database development, mobile application development, and exhaustive testing of the entire system to ensure a pure and quality experience of the mobile app.


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